Big Cass and Enzo belong together….


enzo-amore-big-cassHey guys! Good news I am back to write more on my views of the WWE seeing as so much shit has went down in recent week. In my first blog I would like to write about Big Cass and Enzo being called up to the main roaster, in all honesty I did not want them being brought up as I have seen so many other NXT stars get the call and end up being buried or not getting any TV time.

I did not want to see one of my favourite and best tag teams the WWE get buried like so many others before them. Thankfully the love I have for the duo was felt around the universe and they got such a huge pop which always makes me smile. They both worked their ass of to get there and completely deserved the sport they had but sadly destiny had other plans.

As many of you know sadly Enzo was injured at WWE Payback and due to the seriousness of the concussion he could be out of action for three to four months which was a blow to the fans as they where doing so well in the main roster. Which is why I decided to write this blog, everyone is now talking about Big Cass going on alone and that he could be amazing as a singles competitor.

So you are probably wondering what my point is right? Well my point is this, why say you want Big Cass to go it alone when in a few weeks these same people will be bitching about how crap he is without Enzo and complaining about the WWE splitting the best tag team we have had in ages up. Lets not forget the company have enough single wrestlers that don’t get bloody air time as it is and the only reason Big Cass is still on TV is due to the fact Vince did not want the group losing their fan base!!

I want fans to drop it and let them do what they do best! They both have different styles that work so well together, to me you cant have Big Cass without Enzo and can see a bright road ahead for them if booking and writing don’t mess it up.




Mae Young A True Woman’s Champion

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on here for a while but I am now back and sadly as I’m sure most wrestling fans know the legend Mae Young passed away on the 14th January 2014 and speaking on behalf of myself I am completely gutted that such an amazing and inspirational woman has left this earth and gone to the big ring in the sky with the other “legends” we have lost over the years.I have so many great memories of Mae Young over the years watching the “WWF/WWE” and hope that her memory lives on in the up and coming stars we see today.

Here is the thing to me Mae was NEVER and will NEVER be a “diva” because she is one of the few women out there that you can call a real wrestler, she was a pioneer in women’s wrestling and even managed to increase the popularity of this sport during World War II. She was not afraid to get into the ring with women but also men and could handle herself with the boys in this business that alot of people saw as being a “mans world”. She has inspired so many not only in the business but fans that want to be a sports entertainer and even people like myself.

The thing that really kind of upset me was the lack of her being mentioned on WWE television after her passing, and yes I know they played a pre-recorded VT on Raw but to me I honestly felt that it just was not enough. I mean why not have a 10 bell salute or superstars talking about their favorite memories of Mae like they done for Eddie Guerrero I mean even come on even Chris Benoit got a tribute show (yes I just went there). My point is she was a legend and some body who would still show up to shows at 89 and beat down anyone that came in her way and for that I think the company could of at least down something a bit more thoughtful instead of doing a two minute VT.

In my opinion if we never had lady wrestlers like Mae Young we wouldn’t have had some of the big names we have had over the years or the ones we have now like Lita, Chyna, AJ, Trish and that’s only naming a few. I just hope the WWE do the right thing and release a Mae Young DVD because honestly what a woman and what a career, I would hate them forgetting what she done for the business that she loved so much.


Classy Move By TNA!

I know my blog is about the WWE but I read something on twitter the other day and gotta be honest I found it really upsetting and quite disrespectful, it was talking about TNA releasing Jesse Sorensen from the company! For people who are not up with the 411 on this guy basically he was a pretty good wrestler and on February 12th 2012 during a live pay per view match he suffered a sever neck injury. 


Now if ya think that is bad this guy had to go on a long recovery process and was told by the president of TNA Dixie Carter that he would always have a job with the company, yet a few months later his profile has been taken of the company website and was released from his current contract. I just think that is just a kick in the teeth for this guy I mean what if he cant wrestle again? Its not like he can just go to another company and on top of that if the damage he done is that bad he will be an insurance risk and again no one will wanna touch him!

Some people reading this might think “Oh well if he cant wrestle or had so much time of work, why should they keep him under contract with pay” will my answer would be this, the guy put his body on the line like most wrestlers and he a long with his family where PROMISED he would always have a job to go back to but yet they pull this stunt?!  I don’t understand why they couldn’t get him an office job or even made some effect in helping him work in another area of the business but no they just took the nastiest way out.  

In my eyes I just think this hole story was in poor taste in hope that people will learn from this I mean people use to say the WWE was bad to work for but gotta be honest at least Vince tells ya how it is, he wouldn’t lie to ya. 


No Respect Anymore….



So as most of you who read my blog know, I am a huge wrestling fan and have been for more years than Id like to remember if I am being honest. So the other day when my brother said to me “Kirsty, if you could change one thing in wrestling today what would it be?” I thought this is gonna be easy but gotta be honest guys it really wasn’t easy, when it came to it so many things poped in to my head but when the answer came out of my mouth the only think I could say was “Respect”.

Some of you might not understand what I meant by this so let me go a bit more in-depth with it, I have seen so many wrestling documentaries, shoot interviews and read a lot of books to know that a big part of wrestling  back in the day was “respect” legends like Sgt Slaughter, Ric Flair and others all had wrestlers they looked up to and wanted to be as good as even the likes of William Regal would watch British wrestling and stars like Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks to get ideas on how to be come the best in their field. It was the people you looked up to when you where young and the posters you had up on your wall.

Even now when you watch the likes of the WWE Hall of Fame you will see the legends making their speech’s and thanking the guys who in some way helped them weather it was in the ring, on the road or just being there for a chat, but no matter what you will always see the respect shared by all which is a pretty dam awesome thing to witness (Even if I do say so myself) because after all these guys become more than just “work colleague” they become “family” due to the fact they are on the road together near enough all year round, share the same stress and face the same problems to.

But then I cant help but feel that all that has changed and you don’t see enough of the respect in the locker room anymore in fact I see none  and I know some people are gonna be reading this thinking “What the hell is she on about?” well let me explain, lets use the WWE, when they decided to stop using “Wrestling” and instead calling it “Entertainment” guys did not have to earn respect anymore and how you became a “star” was no longer based on how good of a wrestler you where or even working your way up the ladder , sadly it was more to do with the money you where bringing in to the company! Even if someone could not wrestle at all BUT could get bums on seats that guy would get a push maybe not a big one but all the same he would be getting air time and making money yet for old school wrestlers who CAN wrestle just end up sitting on the side lines becoming complete jobbers!!

Personally that is just my view on this some of you out there might agree some may not but I just think its really sad for the younger guys trying to break in to this business because if you cant get on with your “wrestling skills” then what are you meant to go on with?!

20th Anniversary Of Raw What A Let Down……


Well guys I am back to discuses last nights Raw 20th Anniversary show which I’m sure most if not all the WWE universe  tuned in to watch! I have to admit I had high hopes for this one and after reading quite a bit of news about it online I couldn’t wait to see what the company had planned for this land mark episode, switching the TV on and the last few seconds before Raw started I had butterfly’s in my belly this is a show I have been watching since I was two years of age. When the opening titles started, my jaw dropped it was so awesome seeing the old school “Raw Is War” titles as well as many others and then I thought “ya no what this might be pretty dam good” oh how I was wrong.

The fact is after reading about the Anniversary show, I read that the company didn’t want it to be like the 1000th episode and wanted to bring back legends that maybe haven’t been on other shows. Which I felt was a great idea and with talk about the undertaker returning and the legend Stone cold being there I couldn’t control myself, after 20 minutes into the show not one legend had I seen and it just seemed like a normal “Raw”. I decided to wait and see and the only people that ended up being there was the WWE legends that you always see pretty much once a month Mick Foley, The Rock and Ric Flair and don’t get me wrong I love these guys but why not use other wrestlers from the past 20 years who don’t always get a spot!

To be honest my view is this the company really has gone down hill and if your a new breed wrestling fan or old school like myself you can not say that statement is not true. It seems to me they have just become lazy I mean why not do like a show where the new wrestling stars of the WWE and old school stars from the WWF talk about THEIR fave moments and match’s of Raw, then show them clips I feel that would of been more interesting than what I wasted 4 hours of my life on which I am not going to get back. I mean come on WWE even the clips you showed are ALWAYS the same ones Vince being blown up, DX and stone cold beer truck! It was just such a poor ass show that you could see not much time or effort was put into it and that’s really sad because there will come a point when fans will just stop wasting their time tuning in because you are just seeing the same thing every week.

All in all it was a complete let down and the only highlight of it was seeing finally at the end with Booker T, I just hope the company will start to realize that money really isn’t everything and us fans should be the most important people at the end of the day its us that makes the show! Thanks for reading and please leave comments below about what you thought of this!

Punk Vs Dead Man Where Is The “Resepct” In That?!

As soon as I read this I new I had to write a blog about it to find out what everyone else thinks, but if I’m being honest I personally think its an insult, a joke and the WWE again being more concerned about “ratings” and “money” than their fans. For anyone that dose not no what I am going on about let me explain I came across a site stating this

The Undertaker is expected to work a high profilematch at WrestleMania 29, and his potential opponents are currently being discussed, with one possibility being CM Punk ending the streak and “earning everyone’s respect.”

And as soon as I read it I just thought to myself if the WWE do go with this idea I will NEVER EVER in a million years watch it again. I’m sure some of the “new breads” that are reading this are probably thinking “oh and she call’s her self a wrestling fan” yes I do and a proud one which is why the fact that the company are even thinking about doing this is a god dam insult, not only to the fans but to the wrestlers involved.

I mean the Undertaker is a legend and has been with the company for 22 years, he made “the streak” at Wrestlemania 7 and that has been with us for the past 20 years. He has faced legends like HBK, Triple H not once but 2X, Kane and that’s only naming a few. Yet not one of them people could get the job done but the WWE want us to believe that CM Punk is better than these hall of famers  and could end the streak?! COME ON PEOPLE this is the same guy that a year ago was going to walk out of the company for god sake!! Also the fact they think he is going to “earn everyone’s respect” yeah maybe in front of the camera’s but backstage he will have so much heat!

I always new the streak was going to end but I really wanted it to be by a legend someone who has payed their dues to the business, I always felt that would be the best and most fitting way to end “the streak” to be honest I would of rather him lose at Wrestlemania 28 than doing it this bull crap way. So please leave your comments below and let us hear what YOU THINK!! Because WE DO LISTEN!!

Long Live The “Attitude Era”

Well guys I am back and this time I have decided to write about something really close to my heart and one of the main reasons why my child hood just completely kicked ass and that is of course (as you can tell from the title of this blog) the attitude era in the WWE. Now from being on twitter a lot of new “wrestling fans” always moan about “what was the big deal about the attitude era” and “its gone get over it” to them I would just like to say WISE THE HELL UP!!

I am sorry but come on people for all my awesome wrestling followers on twitter I am sure most of use know yourself’s just how awesome this era was to the business and for it for that matter, if it wasn’t for the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock even Triple H you wouldn’t of had The Miz, John Cena and so on. Which is what really piss’s me of about the new bred of wrestling fans they act like they know so much but in fact they know nothing. I am not being nasty here by all means due to the fact I love wrestling fans but some of the “new bred” just wind me up when they say stuff about an era they probably where not even born for.

Come on guys you have to agree when we had the attitude era we had mixed tag match’s, inferno match’s I mean jesus you even had Mae Young getting her “puppies out” at a PPV, and this was the most amazing stuff you could ever see on telly when your a kid  plus all the funny promos and story lines that went on. One thing I will remember to the day I die is the thrill I got when I seen Man Kind falling from the top of a hell in a cell made my child hood I remember going into school the next day and it was the talk of the whole play ground! Even the DX Vs Vince was mind blowing to watch and thinking back to the whole “Vince Likes Cock” it made me wanna tune in to every show just to see Vince suffer.

But sadly them days didn’t last long and I feel that Vince just forgot about the wrestling and focused on the “money” side of things and decided to turn to PG just so he could sell more T.shirts, DVD’s and well pretty much anything else to the younger fans. This pissed me of big time as I had been a fan of the WWF/WWE for many many years but it seemed like the old fans where not as “important” any more and he just wanted newer younger fans that had plenty of pocket money to spend e.g. “new bred”.

And I mean you look at the show’s now once you see one match you will pretty much see that same match at every show and PPV for a good few months before it change’s to someone else, even the promos are not as good any more nor is the wrestling side of things. I have sat and watched old match’s from the likes of Sunday night heat and they where perfect all the move’s where done amazingly, tune in to Monday night Raw now and see match’s with soooo many fuck ups in them its unreal and they are not just little ones that you might not notice these are huge ones. Oh plus the fact that most of the 3 hour show now is like 1 hour wrestling and the other 2 hours is just recaps of the week which is bullshit we want to see wrestling not what “be a star” is doing or what happened on Smackdown.

My point is this what happened to the “fans” that the WWE LOVE to go on about, that they listen to the WWE Universe I mean if they did I am sure a lot of them would agree with everything I have just wrote. For people who dont agree I couldn’t give a shit to be honest this is my opinion and I have every right to have one!! But thanks for checking this out and reading please feel free to comment if you wish and leave me your opinion’s!